7 Months Old Already!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011 1 comments
Just a few months ago, I thought Eric would never turn six months.  Six month old babies seemed so big, but time has flown by and my little Eric isn't so little anymore!!  He's flown past the 6 month stage and has just turned 7 months today!
What's even more amazing is how much he changes by the day now.  At first, the biggest changes were in size.  He kept getting bigger and bigger, and he was outgrowing his clothes much faster than he is now.  At his age, though, I notice that he no longer seems that much smaller than older babies, and I notice that he looks a lot more like the one year olds than he does like the newborns.  Seeing him next to a two month old the other day made me realize how much he had really grown.  He looked twice her size.  A couple of days later I stood him up next to a one year old when I went to the nursery school for a visit, and there was only a difference of a couple inches!
What I have also noticed is that he wants to try new things and gets stronger by the day.  We have to keep a much closer eye on him everywhere because places that once seemed safe to keep him in, now may not hold him as well as they once did.  Although I still love his little bumbo chair, especially when feeding him, I make sure he's at ground level when I'm not right there watching him directly within arms' reach.  He moves back and forth in it, leans over, and I'm afraid he'll either get out or tip the whole thing over.
Even his favorite bouncer chair has me a bit more aprehensive.  Sometimes he jumps so high and fast now, that I think he'll pull it from the ceiling.
On the ground, he's been practicing his sitting, and he can sit up by himself for long periods of time now, even when he gets moved or when he leans for things.  His balance is pretty well established and he can compensate to make up for the movements without falling over.  So, I've been giving him lots of toys on the floor to reach for to give him a bit of a challenge.  He likes it when I bring out a toy that has been hidden away for awhile, or when I show him new toys.  Today he seemed to enjoy his new books, and although at times he seemed to prefer to try to eat them, he also liked looking at the colors on the pages.
 We also had a visit from auntie Carol this week, but we kept so busy with them that we never got any pictures.  Hopefully uncle Dan got a few for us.  She brought us some presents from grandma Sandra, and we now have another cute under the sea themed quilt, and some board books, including a Dr. Seuss book.  Having loved Dr. Seuss books as a kid myself, I ordered a set of them from the UK,
and have read some of them to Eric already.  The new board books, though, are much better for a baby.  Not only can he play with them, but they are much shorter to read, so they are better for short attention spans.  He also has a great Dr. Seuss bib from his grandpa and auntie Diane which I liked from the beginning, but didn't realize how much I liked it until I realized how practical it was!  I definitely recommend having at least one plastic-type bib that can be wiped down and which doesn't get stained nor need to be washed.  They are great for feeding baby, especially when out of the house!    
I guess there's not much new to tell this week.  We're looking forward to Eric's first Easter this weekend, though, and will tell you about it next week.
Happy Easter everyone!!


  • estrellas4mere said...

    Eric is such a beautiful baby! I love hearing about your adventures together and the pictures are wonderful. His complexion is beautiful and I love his eyes. I wish I could shower him with besitos.

    Thanks for your updates. And especially revisiting the birth story. I'm sorry that it was rather traumatic. I'd still like to hear about your recovery process and why you had to stay there for so long.

    I hope all is well with the perras, Mauri, Eric and you!

    Un fuerte abrazo.

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