Some of my favorite keepsakes have been those that will help me remember the size of Eric's hands and feet.  I started out at around 3 weeks of age, when I got his handprint and footprint in clay, and later also got them in ink.
Around a week later, I took it one step further and made an alginate mold of his hand and foot, and filled it with dental stone. 

You can go back and see the post about those here:

Since then, I wanted to replicate some of these prints, without destroying the original handprint, and I found that pressing a polymer clay (like Sculpey or Fimo) was a perfect way to do so.  The nice thing about replicating in that way, is that you end up with a positive version of the handprint, which I actually like much better.  Making a round disc of clay first, and then pushing it into the handprint, I was able to make cute Christmas ornaments of Eric's hand at 3 weeks of age.  I of course had to set it in the oven, following the instructions on the polymer clay.  Even after baking, the size remained very similar to the original.
Polymer clay ornament

Lately I've been working on a shadow box to display the first sculptures.  I was sick of my little sculptures just sitting around gathering dust, and sad that they weren't out for people to see. I finally have finished them, and they are proudly hanging up on one of our living room walls.

I've also been working on a baby clothes quilt to use some of Eric's baby clothes.  Pretty much all of the pants were sent to a cousin of mine who just had a baby boy, along with some of the tops and some pajamas and other things.  Being born at around the same time of year as Eric, most of Eric's clothes will work well for him.  I had a hard time parting with a lot of the shirts and pajamas, etc., though, especially gifts from friends and family, so I didn't.  
I've been starting to put together little sections and, every once in awhile, put them on a blanket to get an idea of how I can put them together and how many clothes I might need still.  Since I want to make it rather big, I have to wait for Eric to outgrow some more clothes before I can finish it.  :)


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